about dell.

Dell Hambleton is a digital asset creator, manager and content marketing maven for people and companies who desire to amplify their marketing impact with meaningful meaty content and stellar imagery.

Through her copy-writing, photography and videography, Dell has inspired her private and corporate clients to rethink how they craft their messages and reach their target audience. She provides energizing support with fine-tuning innovative approaches to content marketing, campaign development and message dissemination, all while making it feel authentic!

When Dell’s not actively engaged in creating digital asset amazingness, you can find her near, on or in the nearest body of water, hunting for exotic textiles in thrift stores, consuming gourmet honey lavender ice cream, meditating or fountain hopping, particularly at night when the light shines through the falling water “just so…”

Discover more of Dell Hambleton’s creative capacity at dellhambleton.com.

But there's MORE!...

Dell Hambleton is an ethnographer, journalist and multi-media digital artist with a mixed lineage of Cherokee, Choctaw and Scot, which has led to her current documentary project traversing the multiple Native American Trail of Tears routes. Dell is currently training to paddle the 1,400-mile Trail of Tears water route from Tennessee to Oklahoma in the spring of 2016 in her own sea kayak.